Three important questions and our answers

1. How is Transcoop09 different from other logistics co-operations?
Apart from other business areas, load assignment and exchange of FTL and LTL are part of Transcoop09’s core business, and form the smallest common denominator of our co-operation. The members have known and learned to appreciate one another. As a result, with no constrains the exchange of FTL and LTL is easy within Transcoop09. Everything is possible, nothing is obligatory!Transcoop09 clearly differs from other co-operations, whose main focus is on exchange of FTL and LTL with predefined systems.In order to increase overall competitiveness within the group and support our members, Transcoop09 has understood how to add value on top of the core business.

2. How does Transcoop09 distinguish itself?
Transcoop09 has developed into a self-made network. By this we have created a distinct difference compared to other co-operations. Our skills are not managed by external co-operation managers or facilitators. Consequently, Transcoop09 acts out of its own endeavour and is not affected or distracted by external factors.On the basis of our jointly agreed code of conduct, we have succeeded in creating a network for our members in which collaborative work on the same level is ensured regardless of company size, origin and focus of each member. Another unique feature of Transcoop09 is that support and assistance in solving problems through to conceptual consulting for customers and projects are provided. Transcoop09 is a flexible organization. We adjust to market changes und give much thought to future developments and changes within our industry.Due to our cost awareness, we enable our members to partake in the know-how with moderate monthly membership fees; because no one is as smart as we all are together.

3. What is Transcoop09’s secret of success?
Trust is Transcoop09’s secret of success as trustworthiness is the foundation when interacting with people. Instead of relying on filling pages of contracts, regulations and set of rules, Transcoop09 has built a relationship of trust throughout all management levels based on four principles: honesty, reliability, responsibility and loyalty.We drive our co-operation forward by means of periodical general assemblies, dispatcher meetings, procurement, trainee exchange, trainings and professional developments as well as regional “meet & mingle” activities – all measures aimed to bring people together and further their development. Once you get to know and appreciate each other, conducting business is inevitable. Believe us, it works!