A Logistics Network at the Heart of Europe

Trans­port logistics calls for pur­port and know-how, thus know-how requi­res expe­ri­ence and pro­fi­ci­en­cy. Pro­fi­ci­en­cy means Tranccoop09.
Transcoop09 unites indi­vi­dua­li­ty and strength of its part­ners to a uni­que logistics net­work of medi­um-sized com­pa­nies in Euro­pe. The­se com­pa­nies are the engi­ne and back­bone of the eco­no­my. They gua­ran­tee relia­bi­li­ty and qua­li­ty at fair mar­ket pri­ces. Ent­rust your logisti­cal requi­re­ments to our effi­ci­ent net­work of com­pe­tent partners.

Trans­port Logistics
Par­ti­al and full loads as well as exten­ded car­go trans­port for gene­ral and sus­pen­ded goods, food, ref­ri­gera­ted car­go, auto­mo­ti­ve, hazar­dous mate­ri­al, spe­cia­li­zed, hea­vy and spe­cial trans­port are covered.

Wareh­ou­se Logistics
Pro­per und pro­fes­sio­nal wareh­ou­se exper­ti­se in are­as of gene­ral mer­chan­di­se, food, non-food, auto­mo­ti­ve and hazar­dous goods. Wareh­ou­sing, inte­rim sto­ra­ge, hand­ling of your goods or out­sour­cing of wareh­ou­se pro­ces­ses – with Transcoop09 part­ners your goods are always in good hand.

Ana­ly­sis and Consultancy
Indi­vi­du­al ser­vice or custo­mi­zed logistics stra­te­gy – talk to us about your logisti­cal requi­re­ments. We are more than hap­py to assist you in deve­lo­ping and opti­mi­sing your flow of goods and information.

Transcoop09 Key Figures 

  • 60 Mem­bers
  • Loca­ti­ons, natio­nal and international: 
    • Bel­gi­um
    • Bul­ga­ria
    • Ger­ma­ny
    • Ita­ly
    • Kazakhstan
    • Lat­via
    • Lit­hua­nia
    • Luxem­bourg
    • The Nether­lands
    • Aus­tria
    • Poland
    • Rus­sia
    • Switz­er­land
    • Slo­va­kia
    • Spain
    • Tur­key
    • Bela­rus
  • over 3.000 truck units
  • over 500.000 m² wareh­ou­se and car­go hand­ling area
  • 50.000 m² hazar­dous goods store
  • over 3.500 mem­bers of staff
  • approx. 750 mil­li­on € annu­al turnover