Snapshots of a Successful Transcoop09-Congress at the darmstadtium Convention Centre

A cap­ti­va­ted audience…

Prof. Dr. Ste­fan Iskan tal­king about the pres­su­re of digi­ti­zing ver­sus ana­log challenges

Dr. Andy Apfel­städt: Dr. Andy Apfel­städt: “Have no fear of digi­tal competitors.”
Prof. Dr. Dirk Loh­re tal­king about man and technology
Mat­thi­as Rath­mann and Prof. Dr. Loh­re in the Q&A-part
Andre­as Gün­kel about loa­ding equip­ment hand­led digitally
Josef Peri­sa,
Transcoop09 AG chair­man of the board